Sterling Event Group has invested in Astera AX1 Wireless Pixel Tubes to further enhance its lighting stock. 

The Astera AX1 Pixeltube is an IP65 waterproof, pixel controllable LED RGBW baton that can be mounted or used anywhere. While it is designed primarily for event use, the AX1 can be used for Film & TV as either a substitute for practical light sources, or for special effects.

The lights work with a specially optimised RGB color space: AsteraRGB. This system eliminates the need to control each colour individually. Instead, the light calculates the optimum combination of all colours based on an RGB value. It considers each LED chip’s temperature as well as an optimal colour rendering.

The lights are constructed out of polycarbonate, and feature metal end caps. The AX1 Pixeltube offers several mounting options. For a quick vertical setup an included stand can be screwed via its M5 thread onto the tube. For hanging the tube there are hangers that can be fixed with screws to wooden surfaces or fixed to truss via a 1/4” Manfrotto stud and a Manfrotto clamp.

The ability to utilise these lights in a variety of ways, opens up the possibilities of their use across conferencing and events.

The lights can be controlled via the AsteraApp, an IR remote control or through Wireless DMX (2.4GHz) and can display static colors or replay a number of predefined effect patterns with a customisable colour palette – something that will prove useful when designing a lighting show for events. Lights can be controlled individually but they can also be grouped into sets, and effects can be used over up to 32 lights.

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