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Sustainability Policy



General Policy Statement. 2-3

1.0 – Sustainability Arrangements and Implementation.. 4

2.0 – Environmental Management System; ISO 14001 and ISO 20121.. 5

3.0 – Environmental – Goals and Objectives. 6

4.0 – Social Values – Goals and Objectives. 6

5.0 – Long Term Targets and Commitments. 6




V2 – April 2023







General Policy Statement


Sterling Event Group (Sterling) is a privately owned company providing full service technical production and equipment hire across the full live events sector. As such we are aware that our activities may create a detrimental impact and we are committed to improving our working practices and the sustainability of our services.

Therefore as a business, it is our policy and objective not to simply minimise the environmental impact of our activities, but to create a culture of sustainability that is reflected through our activities. This will be achieved by regular review and setting of goals and objectives that will be audited and measured for continual improvement. Furthermore, we will continually evaluate longer term goals, with the aim of having a positive impact on our environment.


As a business we strive to manage our environmental activities broadly in conformance with ISO 14001 – Environmental Management Systems.

Given that our primary business takes place within the live events and exhibitions sector, we also manage our activities broadly in conformance with the framework set out in ISO 20121 – Event Sustainability Management Systems.

In addition to conformance with recognised industry best practice, Sterling will ensure compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements with environmental and social impacts.


Sterling is aware that in striving to become an ever more sustainable business, we keep a close focus on our supply chain and procurement, ensuring environmental conformance, and social and economic fairness. We believe that it is no longer acceptable to procure materials or services without questioning and will endeavor to undertake due diligence checks for sustainability on all 3rd party sourced resources.


In promoting a sustainable culture, The Company pays great importance to social values both within the direct business activities, and externally of those who may be impacted by our activities. We take an active interest in the local community and support local initiatives as far as is reasonable, appropriate, and economically viable. Wherever possible we employee local labour and resources.


Sustainability training and awareness will be made available to staff, and The Company’s progress in all areas will be communicated openly as appropriate. In promoting this open culture of communication, we encourage feedback and engagement with all stakeholders both internally and externally.


Maintaining and implementing the Sterling Sustainability Policy is the overall responsibility of the Sustainability Manager and the Sterling Senior Management Team. The Policy will be reviewed and refreshed annually, as a minimum, and any changes or amendments made aware to staff.




Richard Bowden

Managing Director


Date: 04/04/23




1.0 – Sustainability Arrangements and Implementation

This sustainability policy will be managed and maintained by the Sustainability Manager, with ultimate responsibility for its implementation lying with the Managing Director.

The Company will appoint a sustainability team, who will meet at least twice yearly to set and review goals and objectives. See graphic below.

The team members will be accorded time and resource as appropriate to promote and progress this policy and the Company’s sustainability goals and objectives.

The team will communicate progress to staff and customers, and will encourage engagement from all stakeholders, internally and externally.

This policy will be reviewed annually and updated as appropriate.








2.0 – Environmental Management System; ISO 14001 and ISO 20121

Sterling is aware of the use of International Standards as a guide to best business practice. As such the business aims to conform to the management systems and practices set out in ISO 14001 – Environmental Management System which provides assurance to company management and employees, as well as external stakeholders, that environmental impact is being measured and improved.

In addition, because many of the projects we deliver are in the live events and exhibitions sector, we are also focused on the ISO 20121 – a management system standard designed to help organisations in the events industry to improve the sustainability of their event related activities, products and services.




Whilst we are keen to broadly conform to these standards, we understand that they are tools to help us towards our own sustainability goals, and the adjacent graphic outlines our systematic approach. Currently we do not intend to gain certification in these specific ISOs and are happy for stakeholders to judge the business on its results and achievements with regards to sustainability.

We will make regular communications regarding our objectives and goals and will remain transparent to all stakeholders.








3.0 – Environmental – Goals and Objectives for 2022

Goals and objectives will be set as a minimum annually and reviewed at each sustainability team meeting as a minimum. Progress, and actions for improvement are recorded in the Audit Schedule Appendix A5. In addition to ongoing goals, the focus this year will be on the following:

Sustainability Team

  • A key target for 2023 will be to initiate a sustainability team and identify team members who are committed to evolving a positive sustainability culture within the business.

Sustainable Procurement

  • Carry out due diligence checks on any proposed new suppliers and promote sustainable practices for those we partner with.
  • Create and maintain a Supplier Database
    • Check insurance documents.
    • Check sustainability and or environmental policies and


  • Ensure that our employees, suppliers and contractors are aware of this policy, and of their
    individual responsibilities.
  • As we evolve the sustainability team we aim to facilitate sustainability awareness training for employees.
  • During 2023 we will be keen to communicate this policy to clients as appropriate and in response to relevant tender enquiries.


4.0 – Social Values – Goals and Objectives for 2023

Community Engagement

  • Investigate local community initiatives that may be influenced or impacted by Sterling activities.

5.0 – Medium Term Targets and Commitments – 2023-2025


Carbon Footprint and Carbon Reduction Targets

  • In the medium and ongoing longer term we will undertake a carbon footprint of the overall business activities.
  • This will facilitate the setting of measurable and achievable carbon reduction targets.
  • Develop strategies for ongoing measurement, and audit progress.
  • Develop strategies and solutions for offsetting residual footprint as we evolve our roadmap to Net Zero.