Sterling were excited to be asked to provide production for the hotly anticipated ‘Party Like Gatsby’ music event at Victoria Warehouse

The pop-up party headed to Victoria Warehouse following a number of shows elsewhere and the organisers required an AV makeover of the industrial setting to recreate they’re secret speakeasy-style with music and performance.

Sterling were asked to provide a robust PA system for the eclectic mix of Bands and DJs that performed.

Theming provided by the client, Sterling were then tasked with providing draping, rigging and lighting elements to complete the event look. Secure rigging was required along with intelligent lighting for the aerial performers, acrobats, magicians, dancers, and circus performers that had been recruited to perform at the event.

By incorporating an exciting lighting effects package comprising of picklePATTs, Sunstrips and R2 profile spotlights the scene was set for the party.

Great event - performances looked amazing!

Services provided:

  • Full ceiling drape enhanced with lighting
  • 23m wide backdrop - Main wall softy pleated back drop in opaque matt finish fabric with 6 drop curtain overlays in an imitation silk fabric to offer a high contrast finish to the rear curtain - Large tassel tie backs were then used on the drop curtains with the same colour and fabric as the main wall
  • Full rigging system with drop points for aerial artists
  • d&b line array system to provide audio across the whole space
  • Fulfilled audio riders for all performers
  • Main large bespoke built stage with side stages
  • Lighting control and haze used with colour changeable room wash from 24 LED wash lights, 8 x Rogue R2 Profile Spotlights to project breakup and beam effects around the room, 12 Fresnels to provide a wash of dimmable white light onto stage, 16 Sunstrips, 8 Pickle Patts Light Fixtures and 8 Miniature Led moving heads to provide beams of moving light
  • Red carpet entrance with ropes & poles



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