The first impressions of your guests or delegates can set the tone for the event and is something that can often be overlooked. There are so many ways in which creative event production can be used outside the entrance to your venue to create excitement, provide exposure for your brand or to quite simply make people feel special.

An obvious start would be the classic “red carpet” which can actually be coloured to suit your brand or event décor. This can be enhanced with post and rope, printed step & repeat boards, logo backdrops, lighting and gas flambeaux torches.

Lighting and projection can also be used to create a dramatic effect. Using our high brightness Panasonic laser projectors, we can projection-map buildings and objects, allowing video content to be displayed on a vast scale. Lighting can transform the look of a building and help create the start of the event experience, illuminating buildings, spotlighting features, projecting logos or brand and even ‘Hollywood’ style search lights scanning the sky.

The power of audio and a great soundtrack can also be utilised to create anticipation upon arrival.

If you are looking to go all out, why not create an entrance tunnel combining audio, vision, lighting and special effects and lead your guests on an immersive journey designed around your message, brand or theme. Tunnels are a great way to create a transition from the outside into your event and are definitely an option for those looking for a ‘wow’ transformation and a big impact.

The power of social media mustn’t be overlooked when creating your event entrance. Social photo opportunities are a trend that are being utilised more and more on events. They can help maximise the reach from your live event by including exciting photo opportunities for your guests to share on social media. Recent creations we have produced have included branded balloon walls, a giant swing and a custom-built sleigh! To benefit further from the interaction why not also include a live social media wall at your event displaying moderated posts.

If you would like more ideas or to discuss your next event get in touch with the team at Sterling Event Group, we love nothing more than talking events!